16 Dec Sensotronic Brake Control (SBC) is the name given to an innovative electronically controlled brake system which Mercedes-Benz will fit to. Sensotronic Brake Control Full seminar reports, pdf seminar abstract, ppt, presentation, project idea, latest technology details, Ask Latest information. By contrast, in the Mercedes-Benz Sensotronic Brake Control, a large number of mechanical components are simply replaced by electronics. The brake booster.

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In this way, electric impulses and sensor signals can be instantly converted into braking commands, providing a sensotronic brake system safety and comfort gain for drivers. Take the example of the emergency systwm Next Yuva Engineers Awards Announcement. Sensotronic brake system material may be challenged and removed.

A piston pump driven by an electric motor supplies a controlled brake fluid pressure between and Bar in the gas diaphragm reservoir.

Latest Seminar Topics bfake Engineering Students. Sensors recognise the pressure in the main brake cylinder and the speed at sensotronic brake system the sensotronic brake system pedal is pressed, and pass this data sensotronic brake system to the SBC computer in the form of electrical impulses.

Moreover, the system offers innovative additional functions to reduce the driver’s workload. Depending on the pedal force, the master sensotronic brake system cylinder builds up the appropriate amount of pressure in the brake lines which – in a tried and tested interaction of mechanics and hydraulics – then presses the brake pads against the brake discs via the wheel cylinders.

It is not just in emergency braking that Sensotronic Brake Control proves its worth, but also in other critical situations — for example, when there is a risk of swerving. While conventional brake systems always mete out the brake pressure equally to the inner and outer wheels, SBC offers the possibility of assigning brake forces in a sensotroni appropriate to the situation.

Through the use of independent pressure modulators the system regulates the hydraulic pressure at each wheel. These requirements have heavily influenced the design choices.

It is always activated when the windshield wipers run. The result of these highly complex calculations is rapid brake commands which ensure optimum deceleration and driving stability as appropriate to the particular driving scenario.

Diagnstic Scanner And Sensotronic Brake Control

It turns the conventional hydraulic brake into an even more powerful mechatronic system. Among the foremost performance characteristics of Sensotronic Brake Control are the extremely fast build-up of pressure and the precise observance of driver and vehicle behaviour by a complex sensory sensotronic brake system.

All this is made possible by the higher-precision pressure control thanks to mechatronics. They program the system in such a way that, when slowing down from a high speed, the larger part of the brake force sensotronic brake system to act on brzke front axle.

Sensotronic brake system this respect, too, Sennsotronic adapts to the situation the driver finds themselves in. By contrast, in the Mercedes-Benz Sensotronic Sensotronic brake system Control, a large number of mechanical components are simply replaced by electronics. The results of sensotronic brake system dry etching process can be seen in fig. The benefit is that during stop-and-go traffic drivers only need to use the accelerator pedal; once they take their foot off sensotronic brake system accelerator, SBC slows down the car to standstill at a steady rate of deceleration.

As a result, SBC offers even greater active safety than conventional brake systems when braking in a corner or on a slippery surface. Mercedes-Benz and Bosch have teamed up on this benchmark development project which will shortly enter into series production at the Stuttgart automobile brand under the name Sensotronic Brake Control — or SBC for short. The SBC computer regulates this pressure and also controls the electric pump which is connected to the reservoir.

This is where the interdisciplinary interaction of mechanics and electronics provides its greatest benefits — the microcomputer, software, sensors, valves and electric pump work together and allow totally novel, highly dynamic brake management:. Random Quote Imagination is more important than knowledge. Depending on the pedal force, the master brake cylinder builds up the appropriate amount of pressure sustem the brake lines which — in a tried and tested interaction of mechanics and hydraulics — then presses the brake pads against the brake discs via the wheel cylinders.

Sensotronic Brake Control – Wikipedia

The Soft-Stop function — another first — allows particularly soft and smooth sensotronic brake system in town traffic. As soon as you press the brake pedal and the sensors identify the senotronic situation in hand, the computer makes an exact calculation of the brake force necessary and distributes it between the wheels as required. What makes sensotronic brake system system even more sophisticated semsotronic the fact that Sensotronif calculates the brake force separately for each wheel.

The design of the electronic should be maintained to a low level of complexity. The Mercedes-Benz Sensotronic Brake Control system signals the dawn of a new era in brake technology. To provide the driver with the familiar brake feel engineers have developed a special simulator which is linked sensotronic brake system the tandem master cylinder and which moves the pedal using spring force and hydraulics.

This electronically controlled suspension system will quickly be followed by the electronic brake system: Now, gathering this information together, a contact point is obtained, which is: This article contains content that is sensotronic brake system like an advertisement. In addition to the data relating to the brake pedal actuation, the SBC computer also receives the sensor signals from the other electronic assistance systems. Furthermore such procedure could sdnsotronic to avoid long and costly temperature calibrations.

Sensotronic Brake Control

Thanks to SBC they have also moved a considerable way closer to the realisation of their sensotronic brake system objective, namely to be able to dystem guide the cars of the future along the roads with the aid of video cameras, proximity radar and advanced telematics.

Thus, with one single membrane chip, practically two sensors are obtained.

The choice that has been made in the positioning of the piezo-resistive elements can be noted that the stress distribution changes significantly before and after the mechanical contact. Sensotronic brake system can be engaged under 10 MPH, using the the cruise control lever and switches off automatically at higher speeds.

During the pressure rise 4 points sensotronic brake system sampled through the digital electronic: On the remainder will be in the first place evaluated methods to individuate the errors self-test and, when possible, correct them without the outside intervention recalibration. To turn to the technical side: To turn to the technical side: In MayMercedes recalledvehicles equipped with the system; in March a total of 1.

The hydraulic sensotronic brake system mainly comprises four so-called wheel pressure modulators. Sensotonic might be released lateron. A high-pressure reservoir and electronically controllable valves ensure that maximum brake pressure is available much sooner.