Hydraulic barrier system for beams up to 5m. FAAC SUBSIDIARIES. FAAC AG. Tel. +41 52 Fax +41 52 Illnau, Switzerland The Relay Card provides six electrical contacts for connecting auxiliary equipment. Both the and Barriers are supplied with the. FAAC MPS Control. 3 Jan Both the and Barriers are supplied with the. FAAC BLD Control Panel. The control panel allows you to select the following.

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Adjustment screws for fork support. Pivoting round beams and specific accessories.

FAAC Car Barrier Systems – Range for Beams up to 5 metres from Door Spring Supplies Co.

Round beams S and specific accessories. Standard to 4m Rapid to 3m Optional accessories: Adhesive reflector kit 6 pcs.

Supplementary triangular release key. Rectangular beams and specific accessories. Adjustable with cams Operating faac 620 barrier temperature: Cable diameters in mm 2. Articulation kit – H max ceiling 3 m only for rectangular standard beams.

To arrange a survey to determine your requirements please click HERE. No – anti-crushing hydraulic safety device. The can also operate a wooden beam garrier to 16 feet in less than 3 seconds. If interested in this product, see also: The Super Rapid will support a faac 620 barrier beam and operate in 0.

Articulation kit – H max ceiling 3 m. If you are interested in a spare part, go to the spare parts area. Faac 620 barrier channels integrated detector and 11 pre-set fazc. The range is also available in stainless steel to offer higher corrosion protection for the faac 620 barrier demanding environment. Rectangular standard beam – Length 4, mm.

FAAC 620 Barrier Operators

faac 620 barrier Speed and Versatility The hydraulic barrier range is fast and reliable with a capability to support up to a 5m beam. There are 3 programming buttons with a 2-digit display on the control board, which allow the setting of parameters to achieve the faac 620 barrier logics for operation.

Foundation plate for aluminium column. Built in intelligence for increased flexibility Whilst microprocessor control and surface mount technology are the standard, the BLD barried a fully programmable control board. Beam bracket for rectangular beam.

Low column in aluminium. Single phase, bi-directional Absorbed power: Max beam length 4 – 5 m. Support plate for faac 620 barrier. Forced air Type of beam: For all product info download the PDF of our product catalogue.

Motor winding thermal cutout:. The Barrier System is the ideal solution for heavy traffic flows. FAAC is designed specifically for traffic control applications that require extremely fast opening and closing times. Rectangular standard – rectangular articulated standard – round – pivoting round Dimensions: On faac 620 barrier page we show details of the Barrier System — for barriers up to 5 metres. The FAAC Barrier can also be fac jointed for use with low overhead clearances or skirted to prevent vehicles from passing beneath the beam.

L x D x H in mm x x gaac, Thrust capacitor: Use of cutting edge materials and treatments such as cataphoresis and niploy plus tried and tested FAAC hydraulic technology all combine to ensure long life. Long Term Reliability The range is equipped with electronic slowdown at the end of the opening and closing cycle providing protection to the barrier mechanism. Dimensions and technical specifications. faac 620 barrier

The can faac 620 barrier equipped with an articulated beam for use under low ceilings and can be outfitted with a skirt to stop barrer entry under the barrier arm. Release faac 620 barrier with customised key from no. The Range – Barrier for beams up to 5m. Standard to 4m Rapid to 3m. Door Spring Supplies Ltd. Patented electronic deceleration and barriers status signalling through traffic management devices.

Polyester RAL Protection class: Adjustment screws for fork support Discontinuing.