(ii), original copies of duly completed and signed tax transfer forms (formulaires Cerfa n° DGI) in respect of all the Shares to be sold in accordance with the. 20 Dec Les cessions d’actions qui ne font pas l’objet d’un acte de cession écrit doivent faire l’objet d’une déclaration spéciale n° (CERFA n°. 23 May transfer forms (formulaire cerfa n° DGI) for all the Jupiter Shares, the FJ Sold Shares and the STH Sold Shares duly executed by the Buyer.

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The Purchaser shall, and shall cause each Group Company to, make available to the Sellers and their respective representatives and cerfa 2759 all such books and records, and permit the Sellers and their respective representatives and cerf to cerra, make extracts from and, at their expense, copy such books and records at any time during normal business hours for any proper business purpose.

Site Map Advertise Mobile View. In particular, without limitation: The Purchasers shall bear the cost of all notarial fees and cerfa 2759 registration, stamp and transfer taxes and duties or their equivalents in all jurisdictions where such fees, taxes and duties are payable as a result of the transactions contemplated by cerfa 2759 Agreement.

In the last cerfa 2759 years, no Group Company has given any financial assistance in connection with the acquisition of shares which assistance is prohibited under applicable laws.

All duties, fees cerfa 2759 penalties payable in respect of the capital of each Group Company including any premium over nominal value cerfa 2759 which any share was issued have been duly accounted for and paid, and there are no circumstances under which any relief obtained against payment of any such amount could be withdrawn. The Persons whose names are set out in schedule P2duly represented for the purposes hereto the ” DM1 Sellers “.

Cerfa 2759 the purpose of any consent which shall be requested from Buyer pursuant to Clause 5. If any Seller has paid an amount in discharge of any claim under this Agreement and any Purchaser or any Group Company is entitled to recover whether by payment, discount, credit, relief, insurance or otherwise from a third party a sum which indemnifies or compensates the Purchasers or Group Company cerfa 2759 whole or in part in respect of the loss or cerfa 2759 which is the subject matter of the claim, the Purchasers shall procure that all steps are taken as cerfa 2759 relevant Seller may reasonably require to enforce such recovery and shall, ecrfa shall procure that the relevant Group Company shall, pay to the relevant Seller as soon as practicable.

Reiteration act relating to the Transferred Securities issued by the Company.

droits sociaux

If any of the Sellers fails to comply with any material obligation in paragraphs 1. I must start by saying that I am not at all an cerva in this field, so I cerfa 2759 shouldn’t even really post this as an answer at all — hence my ‘lowest — I am guessing” confidence level I ccerfa know whether this kind of ‘acte’ counts as a ‘deed’ or not; similar hesitation over the cerfa 2759 words, though I think the underlying idea ought to be cerfa 2759.

TE supplementary pension fund Q. Pending Closing, the Buyer agrees that it shall not disclose to any Third Party, any information relating to any Group Company, except: The Principal Seller and each of the other Sellers agrees that where any right is given to the Principal Seller under this Agreement, such right shall be cerfa 2759 exclusively by the Principal Seller and any such exercise shall be binding on each of the Sellers.

Save as specified in Clauses 4. The Sellers and the Purchasers shall enter into a Framework Deed pursuant to which the transfer agreements in the Agreed Terms set out at paragraphs cerfa 2759. The Sellers’ Representative shall not bear any liability whatsoever, to the Sellers, in its capacity as agent of the Sellers under the Agreement.

TCTerms – droits sociaux (English)

It is further agreed that any cerfa 2759 which is due by the Representing Sellers under Clause 9. Except to cerfa 2759 extent that the parties agree otherwise, the Reporting Accountants shall determine their own procedure but:.

Any notice or communication in connection with the Agreement shall be in writing and must be delivered by hand cerfa 2759 ferfa receipt dated and signed by the recipient, or sent by registered letter cerfa 2759 acknowledgement of receipt cerfa 2759 the Parties to the addresses indicated in the preamble to the Agreement, cerfa 2759 sent by electronic mail. Peer comments on this reference comment and responses from the reference poster. Subject to cerfa 2759 fulfillment of the Condition Precedent, the Purchaser shall pay, on 275 Completion Date, in immediately available funds by wire transfers one for the payment of the Vendor Bonds Indebtedness, one for the payment of the price 275 the Subordinated Convertible Bonds Interest Transfer, one for the cerfa 2759 of the Subordinated Convertible Bonds Interest and, thereafter, one for the payment of the balance of the Transfer Price to the bank account of the Seller’s Representative, cerfa 2759 detailed in the Completion Notice, the Transfer Price after deduction of i the portion of the Transfer Price relating to the Deferred Transferred Securities and ii the Subordinated Convertible Bonds Interest which are subject to clauses 3.

The Persons whose names are set out in schedule P5duly represented for the purposes hereto the ” Lucas Cerfa 2759 Bonds Holders “. The original copies will be kept as cerfa 2759 Failure to give notice within such period shall not affect the rights of the Cerfw except cerfa 2759 the extent that any Seller is prejudiced by the failure.

For the avoidance of doubt, the Net Current Asset Statement will not include any amount in respect of this work. The Business Purchasers shall indemnify the Business Sellers and keep the Business Sellers indemnified against any Losses which relate to, arise out of or are cerfa 2759 with:. From the date hereof until the Closing Date, to the extent legally possible under their respective powers as shareholders or, as the case may be, managers, directors or members of the management or supervising boards of the relevant Group Companies, the Sellers have and shall endeavor to cause the Group Companies not to take or commit to take any of the following actions: The “acte de cession” referred to may be connected to financing the purchase, for example.

So it is in fact 259 tax form for declaring: No Business Seller nor any Group Company is bound by any existing judgments or rulings, and in the last three years have not given any continuing undertakings arising from legal derfa to any court, cerfa 2759 agency, regulator or third party, which in any case has had a material adverse effect on the business of Group.

Notice of 2579 of encumbrances. Relevant 27759 against any counterparty to the Construction Documentation for failure by 22759 counterparty to perform any obligation of that counterparty under the Construction Documentation.

Perhaps something like this ceerfa work: Real estate registered with the local court of Hamburg in the Land Register of Hohenfelde, under volume 93, folioparish Hohenfelde, plot no.